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CE Cameron
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With a doctorate in educational psychology, Claire E. Cameron’s academic scholarship examines how people learn and grow. In her creative non-fiction, she further explores individual stories of growth and change on the way toward well-being. Claire believes that great wisdom can be unearthed when we explore the things that we’re often taught to keep hidden, and that telling our stories helps us find our place in the world.

Claire’s first book is a work that she edited called Braver Than You Believe: True Stories of Losing Love and Finding Self. This narrative non-fiction book is based on the actual emails sent among three widows and three divorcées in the year after they became single moms. With main character and primary author Sue Mangum, Braver than You Believe is a candid, touching, and often funny account of how six women find an inner wisdom and strength they didn’t know was there.

Claire’s favorite author is Roald Dahl, who wrote for children of all ages.

Visit Claire’s website.

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