About Us

BACCA … a brief history

January 2011. Ten writers gather at WriterHouse for a class in fiction. We share work, and provide critiques.

June 2011. Four of us from that class meet at a coffee shop in Charlottesville, Virginia to see if we want to form a writer group. It’s unanimous! We decide to call the group BACCA. The name uses the initials of our first names (plus an extra A to grow on), and means a round fruit, like olives or berries, grouped together.

June 2012. BACCA members celebrate our first birthday. We’ve been writing and meeting each month for over a year. It’s working!

March 2013. BACCA presents at the Virginia Festival of the Book, in a session on Creating a Great Writing Group.

March 2015. BACCA hosts a mixer session at the Virginia Festival of the Book, in a session called Meet (or Create) Your Own Writing Group.

August 2015. BACCA reprises their mixer at the Virginia Writers Club Symposium.

November 2015. BACCA reprises their mixer for the Jefferson/Madison Regional Library.

Fall 2016. BACCA invites Andrea Fisher Rowland and Noelle Beverly to join our group.

photo of the six writers in BACCA
The six writers of BACCA. From left, Claire E Cameron, Andrea Fisher Rowland, Bethany Joy Carlson, Carolyn O’Neal, A M Carley, Noelle Beverley

We are:

Claire E Cameron

A M Carley

Bethany Joy Carlson

Carolyn O’Neal

Andrea Fisher Rowland

Noelle Beverly

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