Andrea Fisher Rowland


Andre Fisher Rowland

Dr. Andrea Fisher Rowland spent her childhood years in New Zealand, but has been a Virginia resident for most of her life. She earned an M.A. from the University of Virginia with a concentration in Creative Writing (before they had an M.F.A), studying with John Casey and Greg Orr. She went on to earn a PhD from the University as well, working with Karen Chase and Edgar Shannon. Her dissertation, The Supernatural Muse, is about the way the creative impulse is represented by supernatural figures (ghosts, genii, etc.) in the works of Dickens and Charlotte and Emily Bronte.

She worked as an Assistant Dean and Director of Studies at the University as well as teaching composition and literature at Wake Forest University and introduction to theater at James Madison University. She has directed readings and productions of Shakespeare and other early modern playwrights at Wake Forest University and the University of Virginia. She is currently teaching English at Renaissance School in Charlottesville.

Throughout the years, while raising her son Liam, she has kept on writing poetry and fiction, notably her novel High Tide, and is very happy to be joining the talented and professional members of the BACCA writers group.



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